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Make a one-time donation to the Museum of Florida History online! Donations provide essential, ongoing support that helps the Museum meet its mission.

Donations are made through the Florida History Shop and will be used to support programs, exhibits, collections, and activities of the Museum of Florida History.

Musuem of Florida History Shops proudly presents 2015 St. Augustine: 450th Anniversary Ornament

2016 2016 Governor's Mansion Ornament

To commemorate 2016 the Governor' Mansion Foundation's collectable ornament features the beautiful 18th century grandfather clock held in the State Entrance Room of the Florida Governor's Mansion. This beautiful piece was selected in 1956 by renowned curator James Cogar. It is believed to have been crafted in 1730 and to this day still tracks the phases of the moon, day of the month, and of course time of day. The clock has brass ball finials and is topped off with the striking Corinthian columns. This ornament is sure to captivate, set in gorgeous 24 carat gold and proudly crafted in the USA. It will make the perfect gift for family, friends, and business associates. Make sure you snag one for yourself as well!

Florida's History Shop specializes in Florida-themed gifts; an outstanding selection of books, art, apparel including Florida ties and jewelry, toys, games, postcards, and other souvenirs. Many products including those with the State Seal of Florida are exclusively ours. Shop at one of our three locations or place your order in one of five easy ways. Major credit cards accepted.

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Historically Florida, Florida's History Shops are operated by Friends of the Museums of Florida History, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation described under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, providing financial support for the Museum of Florida History and its historic sites and other special programs of the Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Department of State.